Why visit Sofia?

25 July 2022

Sofia is a rapidly growing modern, multicultural city with heritage and rich history. Not to mention that you will find some of the best restaurants and bars in Sofia. Here are some Bulgarian travel advice and reasons to visit Sofia on your next trip:

Easily accessible city

There are multiple low-cost airlines, accessible from many major cities all across Europe, which is why you can find a lot of cheap Ryanair, WizzAir and EasyJet flights to Sofia. Prices can go as low as $5 for flight between Sofia and Milan or $7 for flights like one between Sofia and Berlin.

Not traveling by plane? Well, if you have decided to travel by bus or train be ready to visit Sofia’s most popular tourist sites directly up on arrival, as the Central Bus Station, as well as the Central Railway Station are located in its proximity.

Sofia is extremely affordable

Sofia is among the least expensive tourist destinations in Europe. You can find some of the best cheap hotels with free parking, if you are coming by car or you can even rent a car while in Sofia. Prices for car rental in Sofia can start from $14/day. An average 3-star lifestyle hotel on booking such as Kitchen59 can costs up to $75/night, whereas four- and 5-star hotels such as Hilton, IHG, Hyatt Regency cost around $120/night. It is possible to find some last-minute hotel deals in Sofia if you book directly.

Additionally, there are numerous free summer activities to do in Sofia, such as hiking, free city tours, including free food tour or visit museums and art galleries in Sofia.

Sofia has a rich historical heritage

Did you know that Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe? Bulgarian history began during the 7th century! You can discover a comprehensive view of Bulgaria’s rich history by paying a visit to the National Museum of History.

Bulgarian food is mouthwatering

One thing you should not miss during your travel to Bulgaria is trying its distinguished cuisine, that is characterized by a wide range of veggies and herbs. Almost all dishes contain meat, and people consume a lot of seafood, especially in summer. Bulgarian food has a lot of dairy products.

You can find the best traditional Bulgarian restaurant in Sofia and indulge in mouthwatering food delicacies. One thing you should definitely try the typical traditional hangover cure: Tripe soup. Also, if you love Greek moussaka, Bulgarian moussaka will blow all your food receptors.

The classic Bulgarian pastry known as banitsa can be found at bakeries early in the morning, but nothing can beat homemade banitsa! It is made from a mixture of whisked eggs, natural yogurt, and pieces of white cheese between filo pastry and it is baked in the oven.

The nature in and around Sofia

Sofia has several parks and green areas, which are some of the places you must visit while traveling to the capital. The Borsova Graden is Sofia’s largest park, followed by the South park, which is the most liked park in Sofia. Nevertheless, the capital is surrounded by mountains, one of them being Vitosha mountain. This is the ideal location for short mountain hikes or even climb the highest peak: Cherni vrah.

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