What are the 7 interior design trends Kitchen59 follows?

07 March 2023

Lifestyle hotel brands have successfully adapted to rapid social changes with innovative solutions. Kitchen59 will share 7 of the most striking interior design ideas that are influencing the hospitality industry, whether you run a hotel or are planning you upcoming international business trip this article is worth the read:

Lobbies are intended to be versatile, dynamic spaces.

Hotel lobbies should offer a multipurpose environment for informal and formal conversations, as well as working areas, and plug stations in light of the growing business travel trend. This means that a simple couch and coffee table set-up won’t do the job. It is essential to segment the space creatively, creating private and public spaces, while furnishing it with comfortable and functional furniture.

Rethinking the layout of the guest room

The traditional bed-table-locker arrangement is no longer sufficient to provide a cozy feeling in a hotel room. Today’s guests demand surprises, and where better to provide them than away from home. The modern hospitality industry has quite a few unique and different interiors interior designs that vary from one another. Some of the essential “ingredients” for a functional hotel room are creative workspaces for business travelers, interestingly looking TV panels, and fun and useful hotel amenities. Color explosions and unconventional décor combinations is also something that surely appeals to guests looking for a unique experience.

Not just a dinning establishment

There aren’t many hotel restaurants whose attractiveness is solely based on “practicability”. The restaurant space should reflect the fact that cooking is an art. Nevertheless, there are many restaurants that have used creative interior designs to make the space memorable. The use of themes is strongly advised, as they inspire greater creativity and transforms each restaurant space into a unique dining area.

Green components

As hotel owners stive to reduce immediate costs, they must carefully consider sustainability. A few hotel trends that promote sustainability include large windows for natural lighting, natural building, materials, green walls and roofs, guest recycling bins, electronic water taps and locally farmed food for cooking.

Technological overload

Not everyone is seeking for a high-tech hotel while traveling. On the contrary, during holidays, individuals tend to unplug. Nonetheless, more and more hotels put a heavy emphasis on ensuring its guests to stay “plugged in” at all times. An excellent choice for a business traveler would be to stay at a tech-friendly hotel that promotes workflow and, in long term, customer loyalty. Moreover, the ability to control lighting, air conditioning, and even window blinds through cellphones is already available in some new hotels, which is frequently a sensible financial move. Another trend is setting up Check-in and Check-out kiosks for various self-help tasks.

More color & texture and less pattern

You typically have more time to explore your senses when you are away. This is possibly the reason why patterns in hotel rooms are being dropped in favor of texture. Offering guests a sensory experience that they can make them feel like they are losing themselves can create a memorable experience that will likely want to reproduce. A calming, happy ambiance can be generated by incorporating a few vibrant colors into the room setting. Have you noticed our brand colors?

Your alternative home

Above all else, hotel rooms should provide comfort and a sense of home away from home. No matter how opulent, technologically advanced, or bizarrely themed the room is, warmth is a key consideration. A wonderful stay can be created by adding some creative décor pieces, a TV, comfortable beds and functional design setting.

As a lifestyle hotel brand Kitchen59 is proud to have incorporated some of the hottest hospitality trends and is excited to continue with the constant industry developments.