Wanna become a digital nomad? Here is what you need to know.

20 October 2022

The digital nomad, a modern-day hobo or the future of work?

One thing is certain: Digital nomadism has gone mainstream. Remote workers that frequently move around are known as digital nomads. They are the ones that conduct their business at coffee shops, co-working spaces, public libraries and rely on a limitless mobile hotspot.  

If you’ve got the travel itch and want to escape the constraints of a 9-5 job, the digital nomad style may be an intriguing option, with 34% of remote workers working 4-5 days a week away from the office. Here are some of the main advantages, drawbacks and employment opportunities you will probably experience if you decide to embrace this new way of living.

Let’s see whether this new alternative way of living would be a good fit for you.

Living the Dream? 5 advantages of becoming a digital nomad:

1)    Increased productivity

2)    Increased creativity

3)    Improved adaptability | frequent change of scenario improves the brains’ reaction to change

4)    More free time

5)    Increase network

What are some common jobs for a digital nomad? Nowadays, most businesses encourage remote working. Nevertheless, the percentage of European workers who work remotely has increased to 40% and it will continue to rise. However, working from home and becoming a digital nomad are two different things.

If you’re seeking to become a digital nomad, you can browse websites like We Work Remotely or Remote.co that only feature remote positions. The only thing left is for you to check if the position fits with your nomadic way of life.

Are you considering becoming a digital nomad? Here are 5 things to consider before you dive into this lifestyle:

1)    Get rid of unnecessary expenses

2)    Make sure you have income you can rely on for months in advance

3)    Get travel health insurance

4)    Set yourself up for financial success

5)    If you travel internationally, unlock your phone.

Not to forget some useful tips you need to know as a digital nomad

1)    Make a budget | Your budget should be your holy book if you’re a digital nomad. You need to calculate your living expenses, the cost of travel to each place, the accommodation cost, etc. You need to have all these aspects figured out if you want to live a comfortable like as a digital nomad.

2)  Plan for the worst-case scenario: It’s essential to have several preestablished backup plans when you reside abroad in case of any emergency. Things may happen and you need to be ready for them. What alternatives do you have?  

3)    Join a digital nomad community | Kitchen59 community will help you navigate through this new lifestyle curve and grasp its peculiarities. Any urgent inquiries concerning your new lifestyle will be gladly addressed by other nomads that you can find at our 365-degree view rooftop co-working space. The ability to network with other traveling professionals is perhaps the most advantageous benefit of these communities. This may result in new business ventures, collaborations, and friendships.

4)    Make your you are staying connected | always have cell reception or Wi-Fi

5)    Make sure you can communicate with locals | Travelling successfully depends on understanding the local language. Sorry to break it to you, but it’s risky to assume that someone will be able to understand English.

6)    Research your destination | Find inexpensive accommodations on Booking, AirBnB or even better, if you are traveling to Bulgaria, you must definitely check Kitchen59. The hotel is located in the proximity of major business centers and hospitals. Not to mention that we have easy access to public transportation.

7)    Draw cash, especially in Easter European countries

Just before you go…

Being a digital nomad might be one of the most rewarding yet challenging lifestyle. However, if you are equipped with self-discipline, a hunger for knowledge, and organizational skills, you may lead an interesting and exciting life while traveling. Just ask some of our digital nomads here at Kitchen59, they will definitely confirm that statement.

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