4 Most Stunning Churches To Visit In Sofia

25 March 2022

Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. It is the ideal destination for a long week trip of even something a little longer, as this city is rich in history and culture. There is so much to see, so it is a good idea to consider making plans ahead of time to know precisely what you’ ll be doing when you arrive. Churches must be one of your first monuments you need to visit. It is a well-known fact that European cities have their fair share of churches, but Sofia stands out like sore thumb.

Here are some of the most spectacular churches ⛪️you should visit:

????St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
This is one of the world's largest orthodox cathedrals, built in the neo-byzantine style. There are many reasons the cathedral is at the top of every visitor’s must-see list, one of them being its enormous size. The cathedral has a capacity of 10,000 people. It also features a lot of gold plating, including the dome and bell towers, which makes it gleam both day and night. It also has great work of art and exudes sheer elegance, with the best Italian marble even used on the walls.

????The Church of St Paraskeva
This is Sofia’s third biggest church, located in the city’s heart. This church, dedicated to St Paraskeva, is another fairly conservative church with a distinctive appearance, built in 1930.

????Saint Nedelya Church
Saint Nedelya (which translates to Saint Sunday) is another orthodox church that has been demolished and rebuilt multiple times over the centuries. It is currently complete and one of Sofia’s most beautiful monuments. It was first built in the 10th century.

????Boyana Church
This is a memorable sight located in the Vitosha Mountain, which is located south of Sofia. It was built in the Middle Ages and contains beautiful murals on the walls created by unknown artisans.
Art historians have praised the church's architecture as many decades ahead of its time, and it is regarded as a serene and pastoral setting.

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