Useful Mobile Apps To Download Before Visiting Sofia:

29 March 2022


An electric car ???? rental service in Sofia and Plovdiv. The SPARK mobile application may be used to locate and reserve electric cars. SPARK electric vehicles are powered by re-chargeable batteries. The estimated level of battery power and travel range are displayed on the car's panel and in the SPARK mobile application. The car‘s travel range depends on the battery's ???? capacity, weather conditions and an individual's driving style. The battery of an electric car???? can be charged at either a SPARK charging station, or other public and private charging stations. Our modern hotel????, Kitchen59 has a charging station located in the hotel parking. SPARK electric cars are the newest models with an automatic transmission. Inside each car you will find the registration documents, insurance policy, ignition key and User Manual.

Download App Here:


Is one successful Bulgarian Taxi startup company and has 3,500 of the kindest and most reliable taxi drivers in Sofia. The success of the company is attributed to their team, which tirelessly takes care of keeping the promise ‘’Travel Pleasant’’. The innovative TaxiMe algorithm combines different criteria when looking for a driver nearby to ensure you get the best ride as fast as possible. If you are planning to visit our lovely city soon, but you do not have a car at your disposal, well TaxiMe is the perfect alternative. Our friendly Kitchen59 front office staff will be happy to assist you with downloading the app an place your first ride.

????Moovit- the public transit app????

Traveling around Sofia is easier when using the Moovit App. This app gives you step by step directions as you travel to any attraction, street or major public transit station. View bus and train schedules, arrival times, service alerts and detailed routes on a map, so you know exactly how to get to anywhere in Sofia. You can use the Moovit Live Directions with get off notifications to know exactly where and how far to walk, how long to wait for your line, and how many stops are left.

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????‍♂️VISITSOFIA TOUR????‍♂️

Sofia offers a new mobile app for Android devices - VISITSOFIA TOUR. This is a result of the efforts of the local government in tourism to provide guests with a variety of choices regarding Sofia. You can download the app for free and have access to over 200 accommodation and eating establishments. You will be able to explore and choose what to visit – museums, galleries????, temples, monasteries, monuments and many other sights. If you want to have fun, check out and choose from over 160 sports and leisure facilities. The app also has an offline mode and thus you can still look through the sites and specially prepared routes even if you do not have an Internet connection. In the Let’s take a walk around Sofia Section you can “Feel the city’s religious tolerance”, see the “Street art in the City Center”, visit “Boyana Church⛪️ and the National Historical Museum - experience the greatest mystery: time”, or go to the fabulous Vitosha mountain. The lovers of pilgrimages can choose between the Rila Miracle Maker, the Holy Protection of the Mother of God, Ascension, and the Holy Trinity.

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