Sofia Travel Guide

07 February 2022

Sofia, Bulgaria’s attractive capital is located under the majestic Mount Vitosha. The stylish city is known for its rich history, pleasant inhabitants, inexpensive beverages and delicious cuisine. In a nutshell, it’s a budget traveler’s dream. The cosmopolitan capital of Bulgaria is rapidly gaining popularity within European must go to cities.

This Sofia Travel guide can assist you in planning your trip, saving money, and making the most of your stay in this underappreciated city.

Things to do while in Sofia:

-      Take a free walking tour of the city: When you visit a new city, the first thing you must do is to go on a free walking tour. It’s the most cost-effective way to see the major tourist attractions while also connecting with locals who can guide you and answer your questions. Free walking tours are offered on a regular basis and cover all of the city’s major attractions.

-       The presidency and the Guard Ceremony are both worth seeing. The Bulgarian president’s office is located in the same building as the Sheraton Hotel, on the eastern end. The office isn’t available to the public, however the changing of the guards takes place every hour. The uniformed men’s stomping march may be heard all around the vicinity of the presidency.

-       Take a look at the events taking place at the National Palace of Culture, which is also known as NDK. The place features 15 separate halls, making it the country’s largest cultural complex. Various activities and a broad selection of shows, including concerts, dance performances and theater are held on a regular basis throughout the summer.

-       Attend one of the Red House’s events. The Red House, which hosts political discussions, poetry readings, and theatrical performances is an independent cultural institution. The structure itself is an early twentieth-century home that originally belonged to Bulgarian sculptor Andrey Nikolov. The majority of events are free of charge and in English.

-       Take a ski trip: If you are visiting during winter season, go skiing on Vitosha or even take a day trip to Bansko or Borovets. Unlike in many Western European ski resorts, skiing is incredibly inexpensive here. For as low as 40 BGN to 80 BGN, you can buy a lift pass, making this one of the cheapest winter sports locations on the continent!

-       Bulgarian cuisine is rich and comparable to that of its Balkan neighbors. Meaty stews with lamb, goat, or chicken, as well as sausages and various yogurts, are popular in traditional dishes. Here are some traditional Bulgarian foods you should definitely try when you come to Bulgaria.

Kebapche (Grilled mincemeat)- 0.80 BGN

Shopska salad (a tomato, cucumber, and cheese salad)- 5 BGN

Moussaka (Potatoes with vegetables and mincemeat)- 7.50 BGN

Banica (Cheese pastry)- around 1.50 BGN

Tikvenik (sheets of dough filled with grated pumpkin, coarsely ground walnuts, sugar and cinnamon)- 3.60 BGN

You can try some of these food delicacies and more at one of the trendiest restaurants in Sofia, ‘’Talents’’. The cozy ‘’Deli’’ located in the central neighborhood of Hippodrome is the place where you will find delicious Bulgarian pasties and many other food triggers.

Where to stay in Sofia?

Kitchen59 is the perfect location for the authentic traveler that seeks an affordable place to stay. The hotel provides to its guests all the necessary amenities to make their stay comfortable. Prices range around 60 EUR/night. 

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