Moving into a Student dorm?

12 January 2022

We all have been students at a certain point of our lives and some of Us have even lived abroad.

😋It is an undeniable fact that when living by themselves, student are forced to become more independent which requires them to do many chores by themselves. As a result, you must agree that many students find it hard to balance their work-life schedules, pushing them to make compromises on important things such as their diet.😅

Moreover, there are some student kitchen dorms that do not have the necessary equipment for a student to reveal his cooking talents. This results in many college kids not wanting to take the time to cook for themselves, as they are not confident enough to like what they eat. Many would rather enjoy a meal prepared by someone whose literal job is to make food instead of trying their hand at it themselves.

Kitchen59 is here to change the narrative! Not only the student accommodation has all the necessary facilities, but the kitchens are designed to satisfy even the standards of professional chefs for a complete kitchen. Students can enjoy the spacious place and cook many delicious delicacies. Even if you don't feel you can prepare something fancy and lack the time you can always chose to prepare something easy and tasty.

Here are 10 easy Student recipes every student should know:

1) Vegan chickpea and squash curry

2)Healthy spaghetti Bolognese

3)Turkey taco bowls

4)Tarka dal

5)Thai fish cakes with noodles

6)The perfect baked potato

7)5-minute chicken noodle soup

8)Cheese sauce

9)3 stir-fry sauces

10)Easy chicken chow meinFor additional information about the dishes please consult the attached link.


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Did you guys hear the big news?

Did you guys hear the big news?

07 March 2022

Our Kitchen59 building just won the 2022 ''BigSEE" Architecture Award for South Eastern Europe! Welcome to our hotel property, we would love to see you soon!

WE DID IT! We WON  the Special Award.

WE DID IT! We WON  the Special Award.

16 December 2021

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