Is Kitchen59 sustainable?

27 February 2023

The GO GREEN trend has never been stronger!

Concerning findings from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership state that tourism accounts for nearly 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, leaders in the hospitality industry all over the world are now putting their focus on preserving the environment.

Sustainable travel is more than a popular trend. Thankfully, hoteliers have discovered that incorporating natural and sustainable practices into their property may improve the guest experience, save energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and increase the overall total hotel revenue.

Here are a few environmentally friendly actions that our lovely hotel Kitchen59 uses to promote sustainability.

Food Preparation:

Our fine dining fusion restaurant Talents, uses local foods as a powerful way of lowering the carbon footprints and offers guests a unique opportunity to form a stronger connection to its surroundings.

Waste Reduction:

Beyond recycling, eliminating single-use plastic items (Toiletries, water bottles, straws and plastic bags) by replacing them with their respective substitutes (Refillable toiletries, filtering water stations, cardboard straws, carton bags) helps reduce the enormous amount of waste.

Water Conservation:

There are simple ways that Kitchen59 uses to conserve water without negatively affecting the guest experience. With the guest in mind we have dual flush toilets with more powerful flushes made specifically to save water.

Energy Conservation:

Hotels all around the world are attempting to lower their energy consumption while maintaining and whenever feasible, improving the guests’ experience. Our sustainable hotel is 35% energy efficient, when it comes to the heating, water and electricity.

Eco-friendly design and materials:

In an increasingly automated and technologically advanced world the need for nature is growing. To suit the needs of new and returning guests our talented hotel architect and designers have incorporated a biophilic (connection to nature) concept into the large-scale design plans of the building.  If you have visited our stunning hotel, you have probably noticed the vertical garden on the terrace of the 9th floor.

Long story short, Kitchen59 uses many sustainability practices and contributes to reducing waste, as well as greenhouse gases.

Visit us at bul. "Tsar Boris III" 59, 1612 Hipodruma, Sofia and see it for yourself!

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