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Can my friends and family visit?

We threw in 2 free nights for your friends or family to stay and experience our kitchen at its best!

We can imagine you want to cuddle up once in a while with a friend or you just simply cannot miss your mom. We allow these occasional visits with the approval of your campus Minister as guest registration is a legal requirement.

We charge an overnight fee of €9 per guest per night that stays with you in your room.

Students that have booked a double room as single can register one guest in addition with no overnight fee except for city tax.

Can my friends, business partners and family visit?

For stays > 6 months we throw in 2 nights for your friend, business partners or family to stay but we can imagine you want them to be able to enjoy our fabulous amenities without staying as a hotel guest.

They are more than welcome to join you while using’ Kitchen59. Be aware that sometimes it is awesomely busy that we have to close access to the pool.