Easter Holidays in Bulgaria

21 April 2022

Easter is a holiday that both children and adults are looking forward to! This is not just a holiday that you get to enjoy the Easter “Kozunac”, chocolate eggs and lamb, this is a day we spend with our families. Often we associate this holiday with painting, exchanging and crushing eggs for health. Regardless of the age, each of us secretly hopes to become the family "Borak", which is associated with success and prosperity for next year.

Did you know that:

Easter is considered to be the greatest Christian holiday that celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is good to know that the celebration of the Easter holidays around the world is commemorated in different ways according to folk beliefs and traditions. In the past, the egg was a symbol of the universe and rebirth in the spring. But why? It is a fact that in the 4th century the consumption of eggs during fasting was forbidden. And the reason behind it is that during spring the hens laid the most eggs and people started to cook them with the idea of preserving them for a long time.


Kozunac is a product of external influence that came to Bulgaria in the 1920s. The first Easter kozunac was kneaded by a professional French baker in the 17th century, which replaced the traditional unsweetened bread.

Lamb meat:

Easter without lamb at the holiday table is like a sun without light, there is no such thing! But why exactly lamb? The legend has it that Jesus Christ was presented as the Lamb of God, he is therefore associated with his dead. The lamb was sacrificed on the day of his resurection to atone for the sins of the world. Strangly, when he was crucified, his legs were not broken, just like they don't do with lambs. After the 40 days fasting period it is customary to eat lamb to honor the saint Jesus Christ.

Chocolate Eggs:

A study by the French Culinary Institute for Chocolate in New York found that one in about then people do not eat chocolate at all (about 10%). If you are one of these people, Easter may not be one of your favourite holidays. Chocolate eggs gained popularity in Europe in the late 19th century, when chocolate became more affordable and accessible.

Happy Easter!