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17 March 2023

Many of the greatest hotel restaurants now offer a chef’s table experience where the head chef serves a specially selected tasting menu, which unquestionably results in an unforgettable and tasty dinner. Simply described, a chef’s table is a place in the kitchen where guests may watch a meal being prepared before tasting it.

Let’s dive into the history of the Chef’s Table.

Everything began in the Waldorf Astoria in the 1800s, with Chef Oscar Tschirky that ruled the kitchen at that time. He gained his fame for his Upstate New York farm, veal Oscar, eggs benedict and Waldorf salad. The picnics held on that farm and the food served during those picnics created a revolution that formed a tradition for future chefs and the way they currently capitalize on eating experiences, now called the chef's table.

But what is the modern days Chef’s table?

Chefs having friends and family, while they were cooking in their kitchen was considered a luxury for restaurant guests. However, with time the chef’s table experience changed from being a VIP-only event to being available to everyone. Currently, each chef’s table might have different characteristics, including the number of courses that will be served and the number of guests that are able to attend. The exciting part about this experience is that guests are not told what they are about to eat until the plate is placed in front of them.  

The newest and most exciting trend, however, goes a step further and includes hands-on activities with professional chefs, such as pizza, pasta, bread or gelato workshops. Hotels that implement these new trends are sure to receive five stars from foodies!

Here in Sofia one of the buzziest spots for foodies is Kitchen59, a place where all foodies gather to embark on a culinary journey with chef Koychev at his restaurant Talents.  He is the type of chef that creates a memorable experience by combining local cuisine with an immersive ambiance. The restaurant is directly related to the culinary academy HRC, a high-quality culinary educational institution that operates globally. The academy has a range of programs covering general culinary theory, essential and advanced culinary practice, as well as short tailor-made programs. All courses are designed to suit the dynamic nature of an aspiring amateur or professional cook’s life.

So, if you are curious to find out more about our chef's professional secrets and enjoy a plethora of flavour combinations out of this world in a stunning 6 course menu, you can check out our lovely restaurant Talents and book your Chef’s table experience here.

Hurry up and take your taste buds and all your senses on a journey of flavor and beautiful food stories!

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