Best Art Galleries In Sofia

16 March 2022

Are you curious to find out more about the person on your mind?

Well, the easiest way to figure that person out is to mention the term, “art gallery” to them and see how they respond. Art galleries evoke strong reactions from people. Bringing someone to an art gallery will allow you to get to know them better, by determining their level of creativity, open-mindedness, education, emotional intelligence, sense of community and character.

Here are some art galleries you should consider visiting, while in Sofia:

Kvadrat 500

The gallery complex is located near the monument to Vassil Levski in the capital city Sofia and behind „St. Alexander Nevsky“cathedral

It has a collection of over 42,000 art works from the National Art Gallery and the National Gallery for Foreign Art. The exhibition presents about 2,000 art works, half of which are by Bulgarian artists and the other come from Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.

Sofia city art gallery

Today, the museum has four departments: painting, sculpture, graphics, contemporary art and photography, and the collection consists of more than 8,000 works of Bulgarian artists from the end of 19 century to date. Part of its sculptures are arranged in the open in the City Garden.

Zelena gallery

Zelena is a cozy place in the heart of Sofia. Here you can find beautiful art or be an artist yourself. Find special gifts from our collection of paintings, graphics, jewelry, ceramic, hand painted glass, textile, accessories, boutique clothes, etc...

Don't hesitate to join our events we organize every week, or just come for a glass of wine. We will be more then pleased to have you.

The laboratory village

The Laboratory is a workplace of Art creation outside the scope of mainstream mass popular culture.

Academia gallery of the national academy of arts

Academia Gallery’s operations are naturally tied to the National Academy of Art’s teaching process, and its display strategy is an integral and significant element of the city’s cultural life. It serves as a gathering place for students, lecturers, and artists from Bulgaria and abroad, as well as curatorial initiatives, festivals, biennials, and conferences. These include shows by master's degree students from the Academy's two colleges, as well as exhibitions and workshops relating to national and international initiatives. The gallery features exhibitions by foreign art academies' instructors and students, as well as known and famous figures in Bulgarian and worldwide art. Various treasures from the Academy's vast Museum Fund are displayed on a regular basis.

Modern art gallery sofia

The first private Western art gallery in Bulgaria opened in 2009. This gallery features an amazing collection of works by Picasso, Warhol and Matisse. Aside from its permanent collection, Modern Art Gallery Sofia has hosted exhibits of Dali's, Damien Hirst's, and Hunt Slonem's work. There are also competitions and workshops for both adults and children.

As a creative and full of life place, Kitchen59 supports people that want to find their inner self in artwork. Our hotel is an inspiring and safe place where people can feel free to reveal their passions and talents.

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