5 Side Hustles You Can Do While Studying

10 January 2022

To all Students,

You may be busy with your studies, but you will always find yourself in need for more pocket money, right? Afterall, there are an endless amount of coffees and brownies you can buy from our Deli café. Unfortunately, not many of you can take full-time jobs, which is why we have come up with 5 side hustles, perfect for you!

1)     Start a Part-Time Photography Business

There are many photography styles, such as portrait, fashion, editorial, architectural or even food!

You can easily put a food photography portfolio, as you have access to our Kitchen59 F&B outlets. And if you are a student from the HRC academy or even a student staying at our student campus you have the advantage of implementing your skills in practice, as we regularly need food photography content.

2)     Edit Your Classmates Papers For a Fee

We all have experienced stress with handing our assignment on time. Even for those who never seek help with their assignment, they secretly wished they would have done it. But don’t worry there are people who like to proofread and edit papers, if you are one of them this might be the perfect side hustle for you. Decide what you want to charge per page or per assignment and then advertise it on your common area student campus information board or even on your social media accounts. If your business id flourishing you might even consider expanding your services worldwide by becoming an editor who can be found on many freelancing websites.

3)     Shovel Snow During the Winter

As we the winter season is far from being over and many snow days are expected to come, you can advertise your shoveling snow services.

Here at Kitchen59 we desperately need your help when a lot of snow accumulates around the building. We want to avoid people falling on the grown and getting injured from icy surfaces. It sure sounds like hard work, but it pays well! Therefore, wait for snowy days and walk around your neighborhood offering your services to clean driveways, walkways and parkings.  

4)     Start a Blog or Vlog

Use your personality to make big money. Start a blog or even a YouTube channel by creating content on interesting topics. There are a lot of different ways to gain exposure quickly and captivate people’s attention. Especially, when you are a student that lives in a campus. Here at Kitchen59 you will have not only the opportunity to meet people from different cultural backgrounds, but you will become more creative and driven, as you will face people with different ideas and mindsets that will broaden your perspectives. There is no secret that living in a student campus will contribute positively to you debut as a blogger or vlogger, as you will always have content due to the dynamic environment you find yourself in.

5)     Take Surveys:

This is where being opinionated comes in handy. Give your thoughts on a ton of topics by taking surveys, and get paid for it. This might sounds like an exhausting job, but let’s face it you work from the comfort of your room, you are flexible and you get payed for something that doesn’t really require a lot of thinking.

All in all, Kitchen59 offers the perfect environment for students who want to get a part-time job, by allowing them to create meaningful connections and giving them ground for personal and professional development. Nevertheless, the Kitchen59 team is committed to grand its students with all the necessary support for them to excel in their professional career.