4 reasons to live at Kitchen59

04 August 2022

Are you a student who wants to live and study in Bulgaria? It is an undeniable fact that there is an abundance of student accommodation available in Sofia. So why should you choose to live at Kitchen59’s student campus? Here are 4 reasons that convinced Chris.

Attractive location

The Kitchen59 student campus is located in the proximity of major cultural sights and is only a short bike ride away from the vibrant city center of Sofia. The campus is situated in the lovely Hippodrome, one of the most peaceful neighborhoods in Sofia. Not to mention that the student campus is well linked to the public transportation network.

Close student community

Living on campus offers many benefits to a student. The first one being a sense of belonging and security, which are two vital decision-making factors for a first-year student. You may wonder what these may be, it is no secret that, as a newbie you can find yourself stressing about finding a suitable living arrangement. Not fun right? Especially when you have to think about starting the new academic year. Kitchen59 has thought of everything! We made sure to make the process more pleasant and the experience as smooth as possible. The aim of our service is to allow you more time to bond with other students on campus and create long-lasting friendships. We'll handle the rest! No stress, worry less and do your best.

Modern & Innovative campus

Kitchen59 student campus strives to continuously improve the living conditions of its accommodations and common areas, as we want our students to feel free to unwind and have fun at the rooftop bar & pool, as well as in the social room. The quirky and intriguing design is what makes this place stand out from other student campuses in Sofia.

Affordable pricing

This is one of the most important factors for students and parents. Nevertheless, the majority of students expect their bills to be included in their monthly rent, which is why Kitchen59 offers exactly that! The idea is to keep their responsibility to a minimum by offering them convenience. The prices of the student accommodation vary depending on the type of room.

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