12 Kitchen59 Horoscope Cocktails for Your Sign

15 August 2022

Aquarius: Always Sunny in Wonderland

Birthday: January 20 through February 18

Qualities: Witty, Trendsetter, Innovative

A very fun gin recipe, ‘’Always Sunny in Wonderland’’ is filled with flavor and freshness, which perfectly links with the Aquarius personally that often comes with new ideas and strives to always be the light of the party. The bitter olive symbolizes the unpredictability of this zodiacal sign, cuz you never know when they will get moody and stormy. The bright green color of the cucumber is what makes this cocktail stand out, just like an Aquarius.  

Pisces: Magic Potion

Birthday: February 19 through March 20

Qualities:  Alluring, Imaginative, Free-Spirited

Put a spin on the popular hidden maleficence of the popular Magic Potion cocktail and mix it up with homemade lavender and Japanese flower tea to add some extra softness and sweetness. This cocktail perfectly represents the mysterious character of pieces, as they hold the traits of every other zodiac sign. This is especially true with the emotions and feelings of the other 11 signs, which is why they easily can shapeshift, just like the color of the cocktail. By changing its color, they will divert the attention away from them and will go to great lengths to protect their secrets! So, this cocktail is perfect for pieces shady side and it will help them calm down!

Aries: Scottish Summer Club

Birthday: March 21 through April 19

Qualities: Assertive, Brave, Optimistic

This cocktail is feisty and impulsive just like the fiery Monkey Shoulder whisky and the spicy ginger beer. It’s simple, fun and tasty. Aries only ever wants to drink the best, most cutting-edge drinks. So for our flaming friends we offer our Scottish Summer Club, a lightly spicy cocktail that will enflame Aries by making them even more assertive.  

Taurus: The Jungle Explorer

Birthday: April 20 through May 20

Qualities: Reliable, Patient, Generous

Taurus needs a beverage that’s just as grounded as they are, which is why the Jungle Explorer is the perfect cocktail for our patient and diligent friends. This is a unique and intriguing cocktail that will satisfy this pretentious sign. Taurus is on a mission to find love by exploring new drinks and food, as they are naturally curious. If you are a Taurus, you will investigate to the fullest and loose yourself in the many cocktail options we offer at the rooftop bar.

Gemini: Caribbean 8 Ball

Birthday: May 21 through June 20

Qualities: Sociable, Energetic, Adoptable

The duality of this cocktail cannot be dismissed. Cuz it takes two to play 8 Ball right? The coconut and orgeat puree are the perfect contrast to the whisky and chocolate bitter. It gives the Gemini two common and two unique ingredients to look forward to. The salted caramel adds this extra flavor enhancement. This cocktail will evoke a Gemini’s strategic and clever side, so make sure to have this cocktail just before a business meeting.

Cancer: Spritz me tonight

Birthday: June 21 through July 22

Qualities: Family-oriented, Practical, Friendly

This Spritz me tonight cocktail has everything that’s great about summer. Rose perfume, Marini Fiero, Lime and Tonic they indeed do sound great. Yet when we add Tatratea hibiscus & red tea, your Cancer identity will really find its match. The sweet, fruity flavor of the hibiscus is the perfect cocktail for ‘’summertime time sadness’’ days, as we all know how sensitive Cancer signs are, hence it is quite possible that they will spritz all over you with their tears and emotions! So, prepare your umbrellas in case of an emergency.

Leo: Thai Express

Birthday: July 23 through August 23

Qualities: Confident, Creative, Popular

Salty caramel is an unexpected ingredient in the Thai express. It’s also ideal for the brave and creative nature we all love about Leos. The cocktail is filled with great flavors, including fresh lime juice, apricot liqueur and orange bitter. Backed up by a fine rum, Bacardi Spiced, not letting the Thai express go unnoticed. Be sure to share, which we’re sure you will because that’s the just the way you are.

Virgo: Backyard Party

Birthday: August 23 through September 22

Qualities: Analytical, Ambitious, Precise

The Backyard Party was a logical choice when it comes to Virgos. They all have exquisite taste when it comes to cocktails and know how to spread a good gossip! So, it only made sense that they will enjoy this tasty cocktail the most. The Virgo spin comes from fresh lemon juice, which is muddled along with raspberry puree. The drink is topped with Russian standard platinum and simple syrup.

Libra: Foam Party

Birthday: September 23 through October 22

Qualities: Graceful, Lavish, Balanced

We’ve all heard how Libras are Balanced, but not so balanced, afterall when it comes to their emotions, cuz it’s a mess there! Therefore, we make a simple yet tasty drinkThe drink by mixing Skinos, melon, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup. It’s perfectly balanced, which we know is what you search for. There is a lot of harmony you could find in this glass. This stylish Foam Party cocktail has a strong vibe that enables Libras to release their spirits and forget about their control freakiness.

Scorpio: My Little Secret

Birthday: October 23 through November 21

Qualities: Passionate, Powerful, Dynamic

Scorpio is known to be the most powerful of the zodiac signs. Things get just a little spicy for Scorpios and this cocktail should fit its passionate-yet calm and cool-nature. My little secret is a spectacular cocktail that reflect not one but multiple of Scorpios secrets. Most of these zodiac signs are very secretive because they fear vulnerability. This cocktail is moody, romantic, dark and sweet with strawberry infused tawney port wine and goes from good to fantastic.

Sagittarius: Mexican Shootout

Birthday: November 22 through December 21

Qualities: Positive, Loving, Open Minded 

Mix agave, fresh lime juice and Milagro Silver Tequila and you have one intense Mexican Shootout. Shootout is the inspiration for this Sagittarius-worthy cocktail, as it will appeal to bold side. Drinking this cocktail will evokes a completely unforgettable experience that will help you relax and become less touchy about criticism, as we all know how fragile they are when it comes to that.

Capricorn: Level9Groni

Birthday: December 22 through January 19

Qualities: Loyal, Straightforward, Ambitious

Did you know that Capricorns are even pickier with their cocktail? So, we came up with the Level9Groni, which is the perfect match for the hardworking and enthusiastic Capricorn. The Bombay Sapphire cocktail comes with a little French herbal twist. Topped up with Amaro and Bianco vermouths. These master planners are going to have a blast when they try this inspiring cocktail.